IMEDA's Mission

To increase the effectiveness of the healthcare system by introducing new technology and supplying the Russian population with the latest, attainable, high quality medical devices.

Goals and Tasks of IMEDA

  • To assist in development of the medical device industry in Russia and to support an auspicious legal and economical healthcare climate within the Russian Federation
  • To strengthen the community of medical device manufacturers in order to formulate consolidated positions on the issues of improvement and regulation of the industry
  • To implement events targeted at supplying its members with the latest information on new developments in the system of registration and certification, tax and customs legislation, as well as with the latest industry developments
  • To create an environment where members of the association canr effectively cooperate, exchange ideas and opinions on the most pertinent issues, such as development of the medical device industry and the healthcare system as a whole
  • To develop and intriduce civilized norms of doing business not only amongst members of the association, but within the medical device sector as a whole
  • To represent and defend the interests of the members of the association in front of state authorities and officials within the healthcare system
  • To furnish an environment for effective interaction amongst member companies, representatives of federal and regional officials, and representatives of other business associations
  • To establish self-regulating mechanisms for the community of medical device manufacturers and to support the adoption of ethical principles with regards to business and marketing activities
  • To broaden and strengthen relationships with foreign and international medical device associations