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IMEDA (International Medical Device Manufacturers Association) is a noncommercial organization that was established in 2005. IMEDA unites international manufacturers of medical equipment, devices, and supplies that are represented on the Russian market. 

IMEDA is a dynamic structure, which regularly works with regulatory organs, state and social organizations, medical professional unions, as well as with the private sector. The association represents and defends the interests of its members in front of state authorities and officials within the healthcare system. Additionally, the association supplies information and expert support on urgent issues relating to the medical device industry.

Association’s main priorities include: development of an auspicious legal and economic healthcare environment, advancement of ethical standards within the industry, and formulation of consolidated positions on behalf of medical device manufacturers on the issues of improvement and regulation of the industry.

Companies, united under IMEDA, have developed and established a Code of Ethics, the first of its kind of the Russian market. The Code establishes high standards of transparency of doing business on the Russian market. The design of the Code allows IMEDA to create self-regulating mechanisms for the community of medical device manufacturers. Additionally, within the framework of the Code, IMEDA supports the adoption of ethical principles and civilized norms for business and marketing activities, and actively develops new partnerships and collaborations with international and foreign association of medical device manufacturers. IMEDA regularly holds events targeted at supplying its members with the latest information on new developments in the system of registration and certification, tax and customs legislation, as well as latest industry developments.

Member companies of IMEDA possess unique knowledge and expertise on introduction of high technology to various markets of the world. Presence of such companies on the Russian market presents an important sphere of opportunities for Russian manufacturers and other market participants, where they can adopt this unique expertise. IMEDA is open to cooperation and is ready to present its resources and expert support in order to insure that solutions within the medical device industry are current, admissible for the industry and business, effective and reasonable for healthcare institutions, and that they lead to advancement of the level of accessibility to high-tech medicine for the Russian population.

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